User Experience

Add 3 pick up locations to 1 drop off location

Carpooling ride app


An A to B destination workflow is one thing. But what happens when you want to add a carpooling feature? and your passengers are children...


The brief

Create a users workflow in a ride sharing app for parents to invite and manage a carpool feature. They will need to add there kids, split bills based on distance, and bail out anytime due to tummy aches, family vacations or chickenpox.

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Project scope

User research and UX strategy

Mobile app

Landing page


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Goals + Objectives

Project lead, web, illustrations 

Team member 1 - Self

Team member 2 - Angel Pang

Team member 3 - Jade Johnson

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Team + Roles

Project lead, research, user experience design

Team member 1 - Self

Team member 2 - Angel Pang

Team member 3 - Jade Johnson



User interview summary

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Security and safety overrides everything

Needs to be ongoing weekly, monthly, term duration

Someone must take an organizing lead



Things change, daily

Notifications of pick ups and arrivals

Smart mapping and fair bill splitting

Competitive and comparison analysis



User story


"I need a carpool ride on ____date

From____ to ____ location and

Pick up rider A at  ____ location

Pick up rider B at  ____ location

Pick up rider C at  ____ location

Then split the bill with A,B,C riders"

Task analysis

We started by breaking apart the current process to book a ride to understand all the individual steps from the various users including the parent, the driver and the live operations manager monitoring the ride in real time.

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User flow synthesis

We were then able to workshop and run design studio sessions to imagine what we needed to do to enable adding additional riders, with parental permission, all heading to a single destination drop off.

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'To be' user flow


Happy route wireframes and screen UI elements

From the task analysis we were able to sketch out the potential screen views for the app. We tried to include all the possible 'real world human behavior' that may happen. Such as needing to change times, cancel and nougat charged, arrange different pick up times, all the things that make parental care.

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App Screens & UI