Business Case

Launching 2009 at the height of the global travel recession did not stop Secret Bay from snagging hospitality awards from around the world. The website, being their primary sales tool––was originally designed with the influential women in mind, and creative that leaned to the new-super-wealthy and luxury travel market of the early-2000’s. However after trawling through 3 years of visitor data, what was revealed surprised both client and the project team.

American middle / upper-middle class young men actually turned out to be the biggest viewers of the site. Along with positive features from The Knott magazine and wedding searches we understood that millennial couples where seeking the perfect wedding destination.

The website was under-whelming and not reflective of the stunning property, being their only marketing investment, we needed a digital experience that truly matched the destination.

Project Scope

  • A small website re-fresh
  • 4 weeks of client data analysis
  • Learn how to build on our original branding

Design Objectives

  • Build user profiles that answered the simple question of ‘who are we really talking to?’
  • Provide insights for the multiple project teams to view the world through their eyes
  • Remain true to the founders core values and original brand


Process: Discover, Define

Methods: Research, User Profiles

Tools: Google Analytics, Social Media Analytics, Trip Advisor Analytics

Role: Research, Strategy, Design Abovegroup.

Web Design and Development Wicked.


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