Business Case

With increased awareness of the health benefits of dark chocolate, demand in fine cocoa has increased globally. With a revamped website and improved e-commerce, See’s Candies will experience a jump of online activity.

Connecting with new audiences is imperative, by engaging directly with early tech adopters and Apple Watch users, See’s Candies will be able to compete wider through an omni-channel digital footprint. Aimed at disorganised and forgetful men (or females) the app conveniently reminds them of important saved dates in advance through curated notifications.

Design Objectives

  • Apple Watch was designed to blur the boundaries between device and software
  • Be mindful of this connection during the design process
  • Focus on fast interactions and content that users care about the most


Project Scope

  • Design an Apple Watch notification system to help remember special occasions
  • Take into consideration Apple Human Interface Guidelines, haptic types, meaning and technical limitations
  • Explore the new ways to receive, light and quick interactions and information
  • It can be supported by a mobile version for data, information and e-comm


Process: 2 day Lean UX sprint

Methods: Online Research, Design Guidelines, Persona , Sketch, Wire Flows, Clickable Prototype

Tools: Hand sketching, Sketch, Keynote, Marvel App

Role: UX Designer



Delivered vital information to customers in a simple, intuitive interface that doesn’t overwhelm you with information, but offers as much detail as possible about your SolarCity system and integrated devices.


Wire Flows

As this is new ground for UX, UI designers and developers, I felt clear and succinct annotations were essential. (This is still a work in progress where I will be adding: interactive, haptic, audio, illumination notes.)


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