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Who are you talking to, and

how are you going to say it?

Clyde's Rum Bar

A cocktail bar in Williamsburg serving a curated rum roster, fostering kinship among the curious and the culturally astute.


A dream brief!

Create a magnetic, yet under-the-radar brand for the only aged rum bar in Brooklyn.

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Project scope

Create a brand positioning for a Caribbean specialty rum bar

Roll out messaging to connect on social

Unique graphic style kit

Simple website presence


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Goals + Objectives

NYC is a lonely place. It's easy to feel invisible despite being surrounded by millions of people

Create a space that embraces the warmth of the West Indians

A neighborhood hole in wall with style, that welcomes anyone

For those curious about aged rums, be a first port of call

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Team + Roles

Project lead, web, illustrations - Self

Writer - Amanda Choo Quan

Identity Design - Jesse Souza

Client - Jillionaire



A nieghborhood insight project process

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Location Inteligence

Interviewed key stakeholders and owners

Used Esri Tapestry zipcode tool to identify social and demographic data

Cultural research on bar industry and trends

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Connect with real understanding

Defined common attributes and keywords with cultural research

Created Brand Archetypes

Created Brand Personas

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Analysis and summaries

Identified commonalities between multiple and diverse segments

Understood what our audiences seek

Crafted a big idea for everything to hang off


It’s not who you know, it’s where you know.

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1. Explored profiles

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2. Discovered Income brackets

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3. Reviewed Age demographics


Key words | Attributes | Personality


Quality Craft Cocktails Warm Rum Cocktails Flavours Authentic Rum Shop Laid Back Speak-Easy Vintage Trinidadian Brave  Unique Culture 1940S Consistent  Personality West Indians Quality Good Vibes Grown Up Dark Liquor Islands Higher-End Elements Different Era Sustainable Clove Sharing Cinnamon Auntie Granny Pops Pappi Creating Buzz Happy Neighbourhood Inclusive Atmosphere Delicious Beautiful Welcome Amazing Atmosphere Seasoned Chill Lime Spiritual Key Caribbean Culture Aesthetics Happy Liquor Old Man Hat Grandfather Observe Universe Integrity Legend Strange Funny Simple Attractive Tasty Humble Destination Service Affordable Memorable Openness House Made Fresh Profiles Professional Trust Gatekeepers Showmanship Honesty Patois Classics Passionate Down-To-Earth Genuine Open-Minded


The spirit of making - the cocktails

Good vibrations - the environment

Mystique - the story

Go brave - the personality


Brand Archetypes



Ahead of one's time, and full of piss, vinegar, and unwavering nerve, the Maverick is audacious, and often misunderstood. He's able to lime with just about anyone, and doesn't give a f* what you think about it.

"Whe horse reach, jackass  does reach an pass."




The inventors. The creators. The DIYers. The techies. People who can recognize mastery, genius—who actively seek it. They know the difference between fresh and dried, consider texture and mouthfeel—and trust very few opinions.

"Any time is Trinidad time.




Silent leaders, those breakway friends who just know what to do on a Friday night, take you to a speakeasy in Alphabet City where everyone's dancing bachata, no-one knows English, and you have the best time of your life.

"Yuh cah play mas if yuh fraid powder!




Leftists, culture-hoppers, frequent flyers. Invest in expensive minimalism, whether clothes or Muji stationery. Handmade matters. Equitability matters. Their privilege troubles them. Believe that it can always be better.

"We jamming still.


Empathy Mapping and Persona Profiles

First we mapped out groupings of what does our potential audience do, see, hear and say. From these insights we created three personas.



Trendsetters + Young & Restless A

Downtown Melting Pot


Trendsetters + Young & Restless B


What do they have in common?

Kinship Cultural Satiation Refuge Sanctuary Lowkey Exploration Uniqueness  Authenticity Quality Attention Validation (especially cultural ) Ease Genuine insiders experiences money can’t buy

What do they seek?

They're incredibly curious, culturally astute, and opinionated. Whether it's the Trini from Flatbush who complains yet comes back, or the American in a Williamsburg loft. Their lives (and versions of it on Instagram) are well-curated and broadcast.


Williamsburg is a sea of curated content. It’s been labelled a hipster’s paradise so often that even that stereotype’s become old—and you know it’s beyond gentrification’s breaking point when a Starbucks moves in.

And so Clyde’s needs to be 

  • A timeless oasis of chill in a neighbourhood embellished by pagentry and fads
  • The menu is singular, discoverable and unfussy
  • Everything from interiors to drinks to music to Clyde’s mythos are founded on a tropics-to-table culture
  • Good vibes abound, straight from the homeland, curated by those who know

Clyde himself was a powerful, charismatic man—a master of his own mind. He associated with everyone, from government officials to market women. Clyde’s must become—a place welcome to those who seek it.

A place without snark, or irony, where the write-ups in the Times will be good, but the Yelp reviews even better. Clyde's will be a mixing pot the same way Trinidad is—at least, every good bar in Trinidad.


An idea that's big...

Kindred Spirit


At Clyde’s, worlds collide. As the only Trinidadian-owned cocktail bar serving a well-crafted rum roster in Williamsburg, it fosters kinship among the curious and the culturally astute.


Brand development & assets

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